It came about after watching a re-run of Friends (the one where Monica has a cringe-worthy moment doing Karaoke in a see-through shirt and no bra…oops!), watching yet another one of those mobster catholic movies that make no sense (like WTF? 3 Hail Mary’s and it’s ok that he shot up all those competing henchmen?) and reading up on my Saturday Spoils (blogs of all shapes and sizes over half a grapefruit and a giant cup of coffee) while Husband slept…

I give you La Confessional.

Secrets are only dirty when we hide them, and embarrassing moments are only embarrassing when we try to pretend they never happened. So I believe, for the style-wellbeing of all of us, we need somewhere to air those dirty little bits of chic-less laundry, all have a giggle, and then the healing comes.

La Confessional (‘la’, because all things vogue originate in Paris) is going to be a place of solitude, somewhere to go to confess fashion (or other) sins in a safe and loving environment. My in-house fashion guru a la mode priestess (ok, it’s me…) will then offer her suggested penance, forgive, and we can all be on our swanky way. But unlike those that laud holier-than-thou-ness in their purple robes – SO last season – I’m going to get the fashion faux pas rolling each time by first confessing my own.

Starting with todays Confession.


A waxing disaster with a less than competent therapist left me with random sections of the top layer of my skin pulled off. Not thinking much of it, I did my usual exfoliating shower routine and applied self-tan for that evening’s event where I was wearing a rather tiny skirt. Needless to say, as the self-tan deepened, I ended up looking like I was covered in corn-coloured rash, patch worked all the way up my legs. ‘Caramel’ is only a desired tint when evenly applied o_O

Bless you child, for your confession has been heard. 6 days of skinny jeans in 35’C weather will be your penance. By the power invested in me by Louboutin and my 6-inch Nemo heels, I purge you of all your fashion sins. Go forth with your classy self, and sin no more. (PS good on you for staying out of the sun!)

And that’s how it will work.

Got any confessions you have burning on your chest? Shed them here in the comments section!

Be beautiful, but if you slip up, be sure to tell us about it!