Before I left the old country I had had it with the sun. Our relationship had gone sour to say the least – like expired dairy products, or a dead body after 5 days. I was SO OVER the aggressive, scorching rays that seemed to follow me all day and kept the air sweltering hot late into the night. I felt like I spent my life hiding from the sun or smothering my skin in chocking amounts of factor50 just to go for a simple walk with the pram. I even wrote a breakup letter to the sun (planned on posting it here but forgot) and couldn’t wait to move to the North to get away from all that damn sunshine!

My friends laughed at me and said I’d be sorry. A dear friend (born and bred in the UK) told me I would love the sun once living here.

She was right.

Here, the sun hides from me, not the other way around. Here it is a shy woodland creature, peaking bashfully through the leafy scape and taking daring jaunts across dew soaked fields. I can almost hear its schoolyard giggles as it hopscotches up the sidewalks and shimmies through windowpanes.


On extra special days, it gets really comfortable, kicks off its ballet pumps and sprawls lazily across the lawn, sunning itself on the deck. This is my kind of sun! Unaggressive, unobtrusive and sweet.

Today I made up with the sun. It started with an exquisite sunset last night – one that made our entire town sit up and take note (and post pictures all over the local facebook group). I did the very English thing and said, in passing while taking the little love monster to playgroup early this morning, to the man working on the house next door, “Did you see that sunset last night?” It filled the air with a sense of something I didn’t know about but woke up to this morning. The most gorgeous day! They even have a saying for it here (told to me by the same friend who predicted that I’d rekindle my romance with sunlight in England):

Red sky at night, Shepard’s delight

Red sky in the morning, Shepard’s warning

Which basically means that because we had such a beautiful sunset last night, we should have a lovely, bright and dry morning today. And we did! Shepard’s Delight! Not that I have any sheep, but I took it upon myself to leave the dishes in the sink and the cat litter un-scooped, and went for a glorious, much needed, long walk in the sun. And tonight after the love monster has had his nap and we have done a little stint in the park and Husband comes home from the big bad city? Nou gaan ons braai!

Ah, English sun. You little beauty you x








Following the rays to see where they take me


Rounding the castle gates


Look at that sky!


A little bit of the town round the river


This walk is full of surprises! A new flower or turn around each corner and spots we ‘might’ be able to fish?


I might need to buy a bike…



White berries – like snow roses 🙂

ALL IMAGES ARE MY OWN: IMAGE 1. Lightened by my talented friend Candice to try capture what my phone camera couldn’t. Thanx girl! 🙂