Last month I had my first ‘attempted’ float-tube-fishing experience while pregnant. I have moved on from the trauma that is the first trimester and established myself quite comfortably into the second, so thought nothing of it.

My dizzy spells were all but gone (a lovely symptom of pregnancy that I suffered quite a lot with), my energy levels returned to me, and my blood-sugar issues were easily checked with a small steady supply of fruit, nuts and protein bars. I was fully stocked and ready to go!

The first problem encountered was my fishing gear. My baby bump has suddenly sprouted out of no-where (seriously, it took 5 months to show up!) and zipping my faithful fishing jacket posed a challenge. As did the waist-band of the water-proof waders. After a little wiggling and loosening of straps, and Husbands assistance in getting my flippers secured (bending is not quite what it used to be with a giant balloon in the way), I settled down in my tube and kicked off for a good old session at good old Loch Lakie. (our nickname for Lakenvlei damn in Ceres)

Good old Loch Lakie had different idea’s.

Winds that seemed fair thought strongly about turning to gale force while we were on the water, and even though it never quite got there, it threw enough waves my way to soak one side of me and keep me bobbing up and down like a pink sea beacon. I’m not great with motion sickness at the best of times, and this was definitely not helping things.


But the fishing was fantastic! Seriously, one of those magic sessions where they were just coming to me and nibbling my fly one after the other – as though they were all lined up under me taking turns. An ‘insider’ at the CPS had given me a tip when I picked up the keys for Lakenvlei earlier that week – to use black wooly buggers. I chose one with electric blue sparkles running through the tail, and the fish couldn’t get enough of it, till one finally snapped it off and took it for herself.


I stuck it out for 2 hours and 6 fish, but had to head back to shore when another pregnancy delight – an overactive bladder – forced me to call it quits. And the same thing was repeated the next day. Short, sweet and to the point.

It wasn’t so bad though. Besides the hanging over the side of my tube from time to time in hopes not to puke right into my own lap, I had as wonderful a time as any on one of my favourite dams in the Western Cape.

All I can say is this baby is getting his sea-legs even before he takes his first breath of air!


It’s going to be interesting to see how next month’s fishing trip goes now that I’m even bigger…



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