I am passionate about finding the beauty in everything and getting joy out of life while sharing and inspiring others to do the same. True beauty begins on the inside, and I believe we were put on this planet to reach within ourselves, create, learn, teach, and above all else, love.


“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde.


“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore.


Home is where the Shoes are…Up till July 2017 I lived in the magical land of Cape Town – the Manhattan of South Africa – with Husband, our son and the two rescue cats who adopted us. Oh, and all my shoes. But the winds of change breathed all over us and we have embraced an amazing adventure together: Moving to England! The home of my Grandmother, I have returned on an ancestral visa and hope to try the missing piece of my dual-heritage on for a while. Look out London, here I come!

They say I am Moderately Obsessed… As the second youngest in a LARGE family, I love variety and the delightful array of being. From the goth to the pop, the business woman to the ballerina, I’m in love with humanity. I enjoy falling in love over and over again and celebrating the small things – like a Tuesday – with pink champagne…and maybe a pair of gorgeous new heels (which sometimes I hide from Husband in the hopes that he won’t get mad that I bought yet another pair of spike-heeled ankle boots that I can’t even wear because I’m chasing after a toddler…). I am a shameless princess, a glamizonian flyfishing-girl, a writer and an amateur muso. I am passionate about connections (both wifi and whimsical), great stories, family, friends and positivity. I hate being called ‘Pam’, but have a very forgiving heart, so won’t hold it against you forever.

MOVEPRETTY… As a younger version of myself, I battled with poor body image and self-deprecation. The easiest way to express these feelings of inadequacy is often the physical, so I write a lot about it. Sorry about that! After having a baby, I began to appreciate what my body is capable of and just how amazing it actually is. However, it definitely doesn’t look the way I may want it to. I am always trying to remind myself to not be so hard on myself, and to appreciate what’s in the mirror, and practice self-care for who I am inside this passing vessel. I believe that there are a myriad of women out there who struggle just as much as I have, and so I write about it to share my journey to body positivity, and ultimately, to being comfortable with who I am behind all the hair and make-up. I hope I can inspire others to be happy and comfortable in their own uniqueness too. My new mantra is to MOVEPRETTY, embracing the ethos of my favourite athleisure brand, and moving my body for the sheer love of living.

Pollyanna Princess… Being obnoxiously tall, I never shy away from holding my head up high. Call it resilience or call it stubborn pride, I believe that my broad shoulders were given to me to help me survive the hard realities. I have become a battle-maiden in my own right, surviving tragedy and loss, and coming out stronger on the other side each time. If I have learnt anything in this life it is that the sun will come out tomorrow. That is why I live to shine on those days, and remember the glow deep inside on the bad ones. With a phone call to a bestie or a cuddle from my cat, I can weather most storms – that makes me a very fortunate girl. I regard kindness and integrity as two of the most important values, and strive to live a healthy, balanced and joyful life, no matter the circumstances. If you can’t sparkle in the rain, then what’s the point?

Like my element, Water, I go with the ebb and flow of life – and just a little occasional structural guidance from my Earth-sign hubby. When I’m not blogging, writing, book marketing, mothering, running a home, reading or catching up on the latest series, I play piano, go fly fishing with my gorgeous little family, and pester my friends with coffee in the park or Skype&Wine dates. Taking long walks along the local river (or my beloved Sea Point promenade in Cape Town) is my happy place and if I don’t get a good session in a couple times a week, I’m less than equipped for the daily dramalama.


About the Boutique… I started blogging as a hobby. Cherry Blossom Boutique was born from the need to relax and explore while taking a break from the overwhelming task of writing my first full length novel, Something Pink. The blog became my spillover space, a happy place I would go when needing to vent, get away, or simply daydream about frivolous opulence. She started out as a scrapbook diary of my favorite things, showcasing random thoughts and gathering a cluttered trove of treasures and words.

Now she is all grown up (in on-line years) and ready to venture out into the big, beautiful, badass world. I’ve nudged her from the nest by creating this magazine blog – the equivalent of her first apartment out in the city – and re-incarnated my boutique as a more focused, modern space armed with an artillery of glitter to take on adult life. She may be sleeping on mismatched sheets or dining on hand-me-down plates for a little while yet, but I have no doubt that in time she will come into her elegant own, and she’ll do it in heels.

Welcome to my boutique and thank you for browsing.