They told me not to buy anything till after the first trimester. They, in all their wisdom, told me not to worry about maternity clothes until I didn’t fit into any of my usual every-day ones.

But did I listen? Of course not.

There is this gorgeous little maternity wear boutique down the road from my house. I see it a couple times a week on my way in and out of the yoga studio, more often when I go to the woolies in the same building. I have been eyeing the heavily pregnant mannequins ever since they opened their doors, and envied those beautiful round bellies under flowing, fabulous fabric. I couldn’t WAIT to be pregnant and able to dress like that.

I have always loved the look of pregnancy and wanted to be one of the blooming mothers too. From admiring It-Girls like Blake Lively to Gwen Steffani to my friends who recently brought forth child in utmost style, I was living in a fantasy world of how I would finally accept my body, love my shape, and flaunt that baby belly for all its worth! I was ready to glow with grace like a radiant expectant style icon.



Somehow, reality never quite got the memo.

When I first fell pregnant I ‘popped’ out immediately. “A family trait,” I smugly told friends, pushing out the roundness proudly. My less-than-iron-cast abs saw the opportunity to have a nice lie down from day one, and that potbelly I have always hated had her moment in the sun.

We thought we are on a good track, baby, body and I, for a lovely, Pilates ball sized belly within a few short months. So I went shopping.

It wasn’t my fault, really, but 6 weeks in (I knew I was pregnant at week 1, by the way, so waiting a further 5 weeks was testament to how strong my will power actually is, thank you very much!) the lovely little boutique had a sale.

What’s a hormonal girl to do?

So I went in, bought 3 items, and left feeling on top of the world. Sure, two of the items were waaayyyy too big for me, but I’d be able to fit in to them in no time, right? Right?!

Wrong. Oh so wrong.

I had the presence of mind to buy 1 dress that was adjustable – a wrap that looks great on anyone, pregnant or not. So I figured I’d wear it till I was too big and then use it after birth as a ‘fat’ dress.

I’m still wearing that dress. almost 5 months pregnant and I look like I’ve just been hanging out at the pie-cart a little too often lately.

Will I ever look pregnant?! Will I ever get to go shopping again?

Sigh. It’s a hard life when you’re creating life and people just think you have been drinking too many beers.