For a glitter junkie like myself, Christmas is the very best time of year. I start dreaming of putting my tree up the second the malls string their decorations, set my Holiday Playlist to Shuffle&Repeat and I go shopping! I am the Christmas Fairy.

Rummaging through the sparkly aisles of supermarkets, I have often times found myself obsessed with a trinket, or left scratching my elf-hatted head. Truth be told, the feeding frenzy that is commercialism has got Christmas by the baubles and is shaking that baby for every chime it can get. Which sometimes means all sense goes out the window.

While spray-on-snow and battery-operated candlelight still seems completely legit, I have noticed a few rather odd additions to the offerings lately. Which is neither here nor there for me, because if it jingles, twinkles or nods, I’m in.


Here is a quick list of my favourite (in the best and the worst way) useless trinkets of Christmas 2014:




It HAD to be shoes, right? Every year, I choose a fabulous Christmas outfit that I often times don’t get to wear (because we live on the tip of Africa and it is so freaking hot in December, I melt in anything other than a bikini-and-shorts combo!) This year I decided to find a pair of Budget Seasonal Shoes to keep me shimmying all the way up to the big day. I found these gorgeous wedge heels at the SPREE warehouse sale, CTICC, and even though the gold-leaf wedges might shed a layer or two before Auld Lang Syne makes its melodic way into our homes, I’m fully invested in the Now-ness of them. So far they have gone great with skinny jeans, strappy Ts, light summer dresses, maxi skirts and a cute pair of white high-waisted shorts. Add any gold costume jewelry and I’m ready to be merry!



pink_shoePooping Rudolph

The Woolies Musical Reindeer that plays sleigh bells and poops candy. A real head scratcher at first, but when my best friend (and mother of my godchild) pointed out that kiddies of toilet humor age would simply die for this toy, I realized the value in it. Great for your stocking stuffer list, ages 3 – 14…and for the adults who haven’t grown out of that yet…



pink_shoeTree Heels

Every year, Checkers comes up with yet another winner, and every year I buy any and every tree trinket they have in shoe shapes. I have quite a collection now, and have stylized mine with the use of a little red nail polish. Voilà – tree Louboutins! It’s a Christmas Miracle! 😉



pink_shoeSnowflake Lanterns

Even though I’m all about the Tree, we are spending our Christmas away on a beach this year, and Husband made it clear that extra cone-shaped luggage was not going to be coming with us. Never one to be deterred, I found the perfect way to make sure I take the tinsel with me in the lightest way possible. I found these Spar paper-cut-out snowflake lanterns at the Cape Quarter and am armed with candles, double-sided tape, and a fool proof way to keep in theme! Once lit, the lanterns cast snowflakes all around the room! It’s so pretty it’s almost as good as a fully decorated tree




I have decided to start my own tradition – a snow globe collection! This is the first – a cute wind-up globe that plays ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ on demand. My plan is to buy a new one every year and bring them out at Tree time to decorate the surfaces that aren’t already covered in Christmas cheer. (I hope Husband doesn’t read this..)



Perhaps it’s time to step away and pull the purse-strings. For now I’m happy with my trinkets.

Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas!