How did this happen? While browsing (and attending to some technical difficulties on my site) I realised it’s been WAY too long since I wrote a post. As a writer, silence is always something to worry about I think. Much like when my husband isn’t fishing, it is indicative of a life that has gone a bit wonky, and for what ever the reasons, priorities get a bit muddled up. Just as my husband needs his line in the water to feel human, I need to write for balance to be restored.

“But I have nothing to write about,” has been my thought-gremlin over the months, eating away at me. Of course this is absolute hog wash, but show me a writer who doesn’t suffer from the occasional bout of brain-numbing, finger stunting self doubt and procrastination, and I’ll dedicate my next-born to those flying piggies. The truth is I have too much to write about, and can’t find my way through the clutter is more like it! But try reason with a sleep deprived, creatively starved former glamazonian who wakes up every day wanting to do all the things but drags her sorry, exhausted a$$ back to bed every night completely defeated by a bundle of sticky gorgeousness…

I didn’t want my blog becoming a ‘mommy’ blog. As I didn’t want it to become a blogroll of what I ate for dinner. So while all I could think about was mommy stuff (my son is 19 months old now and boy has life revolved around his pretty little head!) I stayed away from the keyboard. My bad.

Because why not write about being a mom? Why not write about what I had for dinner? At least it’s writing, right?

So I’ve decided to write.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been working. There’s the fishing magazine gig that I have kept up. In fact, the only issue I didn’t submit in time for was the one right after my son was born. I think I can be forgiven for that. Also, I have a new author website! More on that soon, but for now if you are interested, please go take a look. My blsff (best little sister friend forever) has been helping me do a final edit of my novel Something Pink – and we are finished. FINISHED!!! Champagne and hurrays! That in itself is a huge accomplishment, I have to say. (As does my mascara wand that sits unused in my make up bag after months and months of neglect). My children’s book The Adventures of MaiTai the Monkey has gone through a cover change and is in its second print run – and I am starting to think about the sequel. (I say ‘think’ because ‘write’ is a very strong word right now…) And of course, yea, there’s been all the mothering stuff.

So there has been writing, but what I mean is there has been no blogging. Bad Pami.

I am going to put more effort into writing AND blogging from now on. Especially since I have some big news. Big news I am so close to revealing it’s keeping me up at night! (no, actually thats the love monster – mostly)

But not today. Today I just wanted to say Hello.








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