Preparing for the last day of the year, I can’t help but feel that there are only two major differences between me before and after baby: How I prepare for a night out, and the contents of my hand bag. (Not taking into account my newly acquired life-sized baby bag of course)

Preparing for a party/event:

Before Baby:

(Start 2 days before with a wax). Night before pick out 3 different outfits to choose from next day. Do a full body exfoliation followed by body lotion followed by self-tan. Take out and wash earrings and rings (giving all diamonds a soft-bristled brush and hot water). Morning of event wash hair. Blow dry and curl or straighten. Spritz with mist or brush through moisturizing serum. Moisturize skin with self-tan-safe body butter. Buff heels and use foot butter. Full face routine (wash, tone, moisturize, eye serum, eye cream, tinted base, face powder, under eye concealer, blush, eye enhancer, eye contouring, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, lip balm, lip liner, lip stick) Carefully choose lingerie/underwear to perfectly match the colour, contours and texture of outfit. Clothes, heels, jewelry, handbag. Perfume.

After baby:

Shower and maybe wash hair. Air dry while breast feeding. All-in-one moisturiser/sunscreen/base. Throw on anything that doesn’t have spit up on it or is vaguely un-creased over the worlds most unflattering feeding bra.

Devil-may care attitude.

(Because tonight is New Years Eve I’ll put in some extra effort. I’ll add a pink feather boa)


Contents of handbag

Before Baby: Lip balm, clear and medical for super dry conditions. Lip balm, pink and slightly shimmery for a little lift. Lipstick, neutral tone for those no-make up kind of days. Lipstick, darker shade of rose – pretty enough for any outfit and dark enough to clearly say ‘yes, I have lipstick on.’ Tissues. Wet wipes. Both pocket sized. Mini-first aid kit (zambuck, plasters, safety pins.) Mini sewing kit. Sweetener. Salt. Mini sachet for wine-stain remover. Hand sanitizer. Pill box (with 2 of each essential: Panado, Adcadol, Myprodol, Valoid, Buscopan) Pen. Small pad of paper. Coin purse. Wallet. All cards ever (including LaSenza and Mica loyalty cards which I use like once every 2 years) Spare passport photo’s. Picture of Husband. Picture of FurChild. Spare cell-phone charger cable. USB adaptor. Camera. Flash drive. Spare house keys. String. Gum. Mini toothpaste. Mini floss.

After Baby:

Single diaper and wipes.

Whispers of ‘Wing it’ escaping the emptiness.


Goodbye 2015, goodbye former self. Hello Motherhood!








IMAGE: Niagra Mommy