Last week Thursday was date night – a new added feature to my fully changed life that used to be lovingly known as ‘A Whim On A Week Night’. But now, any whims or fancies need careful planning, baby sitters, breast pumps…and frozen back-up milk.

This was our second post-birth date night, and I had a surprise for Husband.

I decided to do the new-mom thing and get my hair cut. The look was meant to be short and more manageable, but effortlessly stylish and modern. I was hoping to channel 40’s glam, 50’s fem and 70’s freedom.

I had been thinking about it since BB (before baby) but finally made it happen, and what better night to debut my do!

After spending a full 2 hours at the salon with 3 wonderfully helpful salonists keeping my baby rocked and shushed long enough for me to have my hair cut and blow dried, I got home in time to dress up and spritz on Chanel Nr.5 before Husband got back from work.

I was feeling particularly excited. That’s the thing about having a baby. Suddenly a normal night out with a glass of wine and a steak feels like an invitation to a red carpet event. Being dolled up and spit up free, I was giddy with anticipation for my romantic re-connection to the man I love and desire.

He took one look at me and said, “You look like a sheep.”