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Buck-up, Cinderella, and Choose Yourself

“No more daydreams about Prince Charming. If you want something, you have to go after it yourself.” – Gala Darling, blogger and author of Radical Self Love. Recently, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon gave an inspiring speech while taking home awards from the Emmy’s. Watch it here if you haven’t seen
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Imposter Syndrome and other writerly stuff

So I have this friend. She’s all kinds of awesome and I’ve known her almost all my life (for the last 30 years!) We’ve been through everything together, she knows all my secrets and she was right there beside me through many of them… She’s my best friend, my oldest
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Up till now I’ve shared all the sunshine and rainbow fuzzy’s of being in the wonderland kingdom of England. But now it’s time to share something of a different nature. I’m suffering from what can only be described as PTSD. Or should I say, PTSAD – Post Traumatic South African Disorder. I
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A Week of Firsts – Spot the Difference!

It’s been just over a week since arriving in the Kingdom. A friend asked me if it feels like home or if we are regretting it…and my response has to be that it feels like a new home, and I am definitely not regretting anything. Of course, London is not Cape
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Leaving is the actual worst

Of course I knew it would be hard, but knowing and doing are two different things. Saying goodbye has to have been the worst part of all of this. Such a huge leap of faith, uprooting our lives, everything we know and care about to follow a calling for some
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Dating Is Hard – Moving Is Harder

Moving is hard. Moving an entire family including cats is harder. But crating up a home, moving countries, across continents, and to an area I have never actually set foot in is down right scary! Yes the world is our oyster, but only if we can find that slippery little
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Big News

I’m sitting here writing while a stranger walks through my house. As a South African, this is a nightmare we all often experience, but in this instance, it’s not the nightmare you might imagine. The stranger, perusing my walls and treading cautiously through my halls, is here to give me a sentence
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No phone? No problem!

My phone was viciously and anonymously attacked and is now in intensive care. Who knows when I’ll have it back, safe, in one piece – in its loving environment where it belongs? Why did this happen? I don’t know and I suffer the question. Here’s what happened: While at the
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How did this happen? While browsing (and attending to some technical difficulties on my site) I realised it's been WAY too long since I wrote a post. As a writer, silence is always something to worry about I think. Much like when my husband isn't fishing, it is indicative of
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When becoming a Parent makes everything A-Parrent

If you think the parents are the boss and the kids are the scholars, think again. I used to be one of those people that was all like ‘You’re the parent, just do what needs to be done and control your kid!’ I thought good parenting equals perfect child. But becoming
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magazineWhere the Closet Junkie and the Booty Box meet



Goodbye 2015

Preparing for the last day of the year, I can’t help but feel that there are only two major differences between me before and after baby: How I prepare for a night out, and the contents of my hand bag.
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The first in a series on entrepreneurial women in SA - showcasing their creativity and how they harnessed their passion and built the start-ups from scratch. These are the women I admire and hope to be like when I build my own little empire one day...
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Date Night

Date night – a new added feature to my fully changed life that used to be lovingly known as ‘A Whim On A Week Night’. But now, any whims or fancies need careful planning, baby sitters, breast pumps...and frozen back-up milk. What better night to debut my new do?
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Surviving the Modelling Industry

They say that it takes a very strong person to survive the modeling industry. I consider myself extremely strong, having survived the death of a lover, losing a child, overcoming a skin-cancer diagnosis and coping with countless other lows in life. But still, I was not strong enough to cope
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CrossFit and Pregnancy: My Story

Every woman and every pregnancy is different, but those who exercised before pregnancy are usually able to continue working out at the same level - This is what the doctors are saying now. We are no longer eating for two, we are exercising for two!
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Winter Is Coming

I am a winter-holic for so many reasons, but one of my absolute favourite things about the colder months is the clothes. This winter some seriously gorgeous trends have sparked my interest, warming me from the double-down socks up, and so I have compiled a list of the top 5 wintery wonders to follow.
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Where is my Preggie Belly?

They told me not to buy anything till after the first trimester. They, in all their wisdom, told me not to worry about maternity clothes until I didn’t fit into any of my usual every-day ones. But did I listen? Of course not. There is this gorgeous little maternity wear boutique down
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Tips for Hips – How to Sculpt that Backside and Hip Area into Something Desirable.

How many times do we hear these kinds of things? How many articles are written with guide-lines to slimming, shaping and changing the way our bodies look? While I am all for staying in shape and trying to maintain a healthy balance between enjoying some of life’s luxuries and giving our
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The Naked Truth about Boudoir Photography

With Valentine's day right around the corner and Boudoir Photography being the hot new trend, would you ever consider taking professional boudoir photo's for your significant other? The idea is as daunting for some as it is titillating for others…but no matter how you feel about it, it all boils down to one thing: Getting semi-naked in front of a stranger.
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INTRODUCING – La Confessional

Secrets are only dirty when we hide them, and embarrassing moments are only embarrassing when we try to pretend they never happened. So I believe, for the style-wellbeing of all of us, we need somewhere to air those dirty little bits of chic-less laundry. La Confessional is a place of solitude, somewhere to go to confess our fashion (or other) sins in a safe and loving environment. The Fashion Priestess will offer her suggested penance, forgive, and then we can all be on our swanky way.
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gone_fishingTravels, Explorations and Catching Feisty Fish



Shepard’s Delight

Before I left the old country I had had it with the sun. Our relationship had gone sour to say the least – like expired dairy products, or a dead body after 5 days. I was SO OVER the aggressive, scorching rays that seemed to follow me all day and
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Functional Fashion – The Way You Wear Your Hat

[caption id="attachment_9141" align="aligncenter" width="425"] Matching caps - his and hers[/caption]   ARTICLE by PAMELA SIMPSON ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE APRIL/MAY EDITION OF FLYFISHING MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA - REPRINT BY PERMISSION ONLY    
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How To Get Your Woman Hooked

    [caption id="attachment_9133" align="aligncenter" width="419"] 1. Build the Romance[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_9135" align="aligncenter" width="419"] 8. Be nice to birds[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9125" align="aligncenter" width="417"] 6. Braai[/caption]     ARTICLE by PAMELA SIMPSON ORIGINALLY APPEARED IN THE FEB/MARCH 2015 EDITION OF FLYFISHING MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA - REPRINT BY PERMISSION ONLY  
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A Fish and a Baby

Last month I had my first 'attempted' float-tube-fishing experience while pregnant. I have moved on from the trauma that is the first trimester and established myself quite comfortably into the second, so thought nothing of it. My dizzy spells were all but gone (a lovely symptom of pregnancy that I suffered quite a
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Sand-Shark fishing in Langebaan

Last week, Husband and I tried out our hand at catching guitarfish on fly (sand-sharks). I was torn between not wanting to be left out and not usually being one for salt-water fly-fishing, but when I saw the gorgeous pink flies that would be used, I had to be let
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Chinese Blooming Tea – not just a lovely cuppa, but a classy way to swear

Next time you go for a cup of tea, give the Tea Merchant's Chinese Blooming Tea a try. Put the unassuming acorn in a pot of hot water and it turns your morning elevensies into a ritualistic experience. And if there’s one thing tea should be, it’s a ritualistic experience.
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A Majestic Weekend Away

Husband and I have a thing about Scotland. Maybe it’s the heritage we both have in our family lines, or the history saturated landscapes, or the fact that there are giant salmon to be caught in its inland waters, but we both love it and have a romanticised view of
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Five Reasons to Fly Fish (other than to fish)

When I tell people that my husband takes me fly fishing, I usually get faced with disbelief from men and pitying side-glances from women. Some go so far as to say ‘Oh, you poor thing’ while nodding knowingly and sympathetically. When I protest and explain that I love to fly
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The One That Got Away

Every fisherman has a story; a sad tale of lost glory, missed victory, of the mystical unicorn-of-the-deep that got away. The fish we didn't catch. Only my tale is of a fish I did catch. Winter in the Western Cape may call for most to stay indoors, bundled up with mugs
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